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Marching Band Attire

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There are two marching uniforms the students will wear:  Grey and Black Uniforms, and multi-colored Red and Blue Uniforms

  • All marchers will be measured during pre-band camp for uniforms and shoes.

Grey and Black Uniforms: These will remain in the band room. They are primarily used for competition performances. These uniforms are machine washable, but do require specific detail with regard to washing. A group of parents may be needed, as the season progresses, to help with periodic washing.

Multi-colored Red and Blue Uniforms: These will remain in the band room and will follow same cleaning process as grey uniforms. They are primarily used for Friday football games.

Marching Shoes: New marchers will be measured during pre-band camp for shoes.

  • Each marcher needs a pair of black marching shoes.

  • The shoes are ordered by the band from a supply company for approximately $25.

  • The cost will be added to the fair share due from band students.

  • Often, the shoes purchased will last multiple marching seasons, so it is usually not necessary to purchase shoes more than once or twice over 4 year period.


In order to keep our band uniforms looking their best, we need to follow some guidelines. Thanks for helping us keep the uniforms in good shape.


  • Always wear your Show Shirt (unless another option is announced) and gym shorts under your uniform.

  • To hang, begin by matching creases in pants legs. Pants should be flat.

  • Pants go through the hanger from the back so the legs are in the front.

  • Coat goes over the pants with the hanger matching the curve of your shoulders.

  • Zip coat up fully.

  • Hang your uniform up in the correct spot.

  • Let the parents in charge of uniforms know of any problems you are having with your uniform including needing a new size.


  • Each band student is responsible for having clean, black socks every time you wear your uniform.

  • If you forget your socks we will sell you a pair.

  • If you leave your socks at school, please leave them inside your shoes only!


  • One pair of gloves is issued to each band student. Replacement gloves will be an extra cost.

  • Gloves are only worn with the multi-colored red and blue uniforms

  • Gloves should be kept on top of your hatbox after wearing. They will mildew if you put them in your hatbox while they are damp with sweat.

  • When returning to school, be sure to take your gloves out of your hatbox and put them on top so they can dry, even if it is midnight!


  • Hats should be stored upside down in the box.

  • No trash, socks, or other items should be kept in the hatboxes.

  • Hat plumes will be passed out before a show and should be returned to your section leader or a band parent in charge of uniforms, first thing when changing out of uniforms.

  • Please try to never set your hat on the ground when changing. Put it directly in the hatbox.


  • Multi-colored red and blue uniform gauntlets should be zipped in the pocket of the uniform bag.


  • Please use the towels provided to wipe grass and mud off shoes before putting them away.

  • Be sure dirt and grass from the shoes goes in the trashcan and not on the band room floor.

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