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The Sanderson Band has a long history of excellence, dating back to the school's opening in 1968. Currently, the Sanderson Band program consists of the Marching Spartans, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and various other small ensembles, as well as annual performances with the Sanderson Theater Department in the spring musical. The band has performed extensively across North Carolina and the Southeastern United States in both marching band competitions and concert band festivals. Each year many Sanderson Band students are selected for All-District, All-State, and Governor's School, and many alumni are pursuing music degrees at some of the country's finest universities.

Thank you for taking time to learn about the Sanderson High School Band. We hope to see you at one of our many performances throughout the year!

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Expo Volunteering

ALL Adults, siblings and alumni please sign up to volunteer at EXPO!!! We NEED YOU!!

Please consider volunteering as much time as you possibly can at Expo on Saturday, October 28th. A four-hour shift is a minimum we ask of parents however, some have blocked the entire day off to be at Sanderson and helping! In case you forgot or didn’t know….when any member of the band student’s family volunteers 8 hours or more the day of EXPO, a $40 credit will be posted to your student’s fair share account. Not to mention that volunteers who work an 8 hour day will also be given a free meal ticket to use in our EXPO concession stand!! Yum…

Where can you or your band student’s sibling volunteer? Great question…..there are many areas we need help: concessions, parking, gate monitors, ticket sales, changing room monitors, field managers, bake sale, candy grams sales, quiet sign monitoring, etc! And yes…..students are needed to work these areas also!

Jackie Taylor can help guide parents/adults to a position that is in need of filling and one that may appeal to you more.

This sign up is for adults, siblings and alumni only, band students are required to be here all day and will be assigned positions to work based on their band section and grade.

Band students are encouraged to invite non band students sign up to volunteer too!! We need many extra volunteers in the afternoon while the marching band is getting ready to perform. This is a great way for non-band students to earn volunteer hours! Think outside the box…..volunteers can be friends from Sanderson, Scouts, Church, clubs, etc. Remember, EXPO helps ALL band members (concert band, wind ensemble, percussion) NOT just The Marching Spartans!!

ALUMNI…..we need marching band alumni to help escort bands!!

Siblings 7th grade and up are welcome!! Younger siblings might be able to work with a parent depending on what job you have.ADULT/PARENT VOLUNTEERING - EMAIL JACKIE; JACALYNT@BELLSOUTH.NET