Scrip Program


What is Scrip?

The concept of Scrip is that the band purchases gift card certificates, or Scrip, at a discount from a company that provides gift cards to popular retailers (like Starbucks, Chili's, and Home Depot). Parents order the gift certificates at face value. The gift card is then spent at the retailer, where it's worth the full face value. No extra money has been spent and your Fair Share just made a profit. The difference between the discount and the face value goes directly into your student's Fair Share account. Hundreds of retailers are available. It will be an ongoing opportunity.

NOTE: Scrip orders can now be placed online at  Please see instructions, below.

How does Scrip work?

  1. You purchase gift cards through the band from a list of available retailers at face value. For example, you buy a $25 "GAP TriCard" good at GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic and pay $25 to the Band.

  2. The Band purchases the gift card from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount.

  3. The difference between the discounted cost of the gift card and the $25 face value is credited to your individual student account. For example, the discount the “GAP TriCard” offers is 9% payback, earning your Fair Share account $2.25 on just that one card.

Who can purchase Scrip?

Orders can be submitted by any student in Marching Band. Collect orders from family members, neighbors, friends, teachers, or co-workers. The return on the discount is credited to that student's Fair Share.

When are and how are Scrip orders placed?

Scrip orders can be placed online at The following information is needed to set up a scrip online account:

Organization: Sanderson Band Boosters, Raleigh, NC
Enrollment Code: E714FF3412769

Once you've placed your online order, a receipt for the order must be printed and along with your check payable to SHS Band Boosters given to Scrip Coordinator. Your order with payment is due by the end of each month. The order will be placed with Scrip the first week of the next month.

Questions: Contact Scrip Coordinator at

When do I receive my Gift Cards?

The Scrip Coordinator will contact you when your gift cards have come in and are ready to be picked up.

Ideas for using Scrip

  • Scrip is used for purchases you would normally make using money, and your Fair Share profits.

  • Give Scrip to teachers, newspaper deliverer, hairdresser, babysitter at holiday time.

  • Scrip to pay for home improvement projects.

  • Give gift cards to relatives and friends for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Mother's and Father's Day, weddings, etc.

  • Collect orders for Scrip from family members, neighbors and friends.

  • Scrip is available for merchants across the country and can generally be used nationwide.

  • Scrip can be used for online purchases.

Additional Information

Scrip is substitute money and should be treated as cash. The Band Boosters cannot be held responsible for lost or misplaced Gift Cards. An additional 50 cents will be added to each student's total order to cover shipping and handling. Gift card values and percentage paybacks change occasionally. There are monthly specials that may be to your advantage. Some of your favorite retailers may temporarily give a greater return, so check with to see if there is a monthly special.

Think ahead for the holidays. In rare instances, back orders may occur. Order early and don't be disappointed.

Some favorite retailers participating in Scrip

Macy's, Kohl's, The Gap/Old Navy, J Crew, Home Depot, Papa Johns's, Starbucks, Lands End, Office Depot, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, Panera Bread, PF Chang's, Belk, Best Buy, TJ Maxx.

Katherine Forbes