PDQ & Goodberry's

PDQ and Goodberry's gift cards are a great way to earn fair share. You can give them as gifts, purchase a stash and then sell them to your friends and family, or just use them for your own family.


PDQ Charity Cards:

PDQ, which stands for People Dedicated to Quality, is a fast casual restaurant, specializing in fresh hand-battered chicken tenders, made-to-order sandwiches, daily cut fries, hand-spun milkshakes, and fresh salads. PDQ is a major sponsor of Sanderson High School Band.

Each PDQ Charity Card has a value of $10. These cards retain their value, do not expire, and can be used at any PDQ location. The best deal to generate the most amount of money towards your fair share is to purchase PDQ Charity Cards in groups of three. The band sells them three cards ($30 value) for $20, and of the $20 paid, $8 goes to your fair share account.

Here are some examples:

  • You pay $40 for six PDQ Charity Cards. You get $60 worth of PDQ food (each card valued at $10), AND $16 goes to your fair share account.

  • You can buy a stash of cards and sell them to friends and family. Purchase 12 cards for $80, and $32 automatically goes to your fair share account. You turn around and sell those 3 cards for $20. When you've sold all 12 cards (4 groups of 3 cards), you have recouped the $80 you originally put out, and $32 has gone to your fair share. Plus the people you are selling to get a deal because they are paying $20 for $30 worth of food. Everyone wins!


Goodberry's Gift Cards:

Goodberry's Gift Cards are valid at all Goodberry's Frozen Custard locations. Balances do not expire, and there are no inactivity fees.

Each Goodberry's Gift Card has a value of $20. The band sells them for $20. You pay or sell them for $20 per card, and $6 automatically goes to your fair share account.

When you write a check, make it out to SHS Band Boosters, and in the memo line, write your child's name and either PDQ, Goodberry's, or both.

Katherine Forbes