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 EXPO Boosters

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What is EXPO?

EXPO is on October 26, 2019
More details about how you can get involved are listed below…

If you are a new member to the Sanderson Marching Band family, it won't take long before you hear the veteran band parents and students talk about the "Capital City Band EXPO" or "EXPO" for short. And when you see and hear members planning and making preparations for this event, you will get the impression that it is a big deal – and it is. But just what is EXPO?

What is EXPO? It is an event encircled on the calendars of high school marching bands from Raleigh, throughout our fair state and even beyond its borders. It is a day that these bands have the opportunity to showcase the result of many hours of practice refining their music and marching movements. The result is an array of beautiful musical performances lasting throughout a crisp autumn day in October.

What is EXPO? For the marching bands, it is the thrill of competition – the pursuit of musical excellence with the goal of winning the prestigious Capital Cup awarded by the city of Raleigh. It is the satisfaction of being recognized and rewarded for the total team effort given by students, school staff, parents and community supporters.

What is EXPO? It is an opportunity for the Sanderson High School community to come together and collectively put our best foot forward. Students, staff, parent and alumni volunteers and local businesses share the goal of being as gracious a host we can be to our visitors. Folks from different walks of life buzzing with excitement amidst the sound of practicing bands and the smell of pizza, hamburgers, barbecue and many more palette-pleasers.


You just have to experience it. We hope to see you there! 

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